For everyone who doesn’t need the following: AWESOME!  HALLELUJAH! and COUNT YOURSELF BLESSED! For anyone who might need some or all of the following, I hope that you can benefit from this:

Although the US economy is gradually improving after the plunge we took a few years back, jobs are still less than plentiful.  Consolidation, outsourcing and shifts in workplace dynamics have caused the loss of employment for many.   And, plainly, sometimes you just need a change in your life because the guys with the ties in the corner office have acted like fools and you’ve been driven to the brink!  Fair enough.  And trust me, it is NEVER too late to learn a new skill and switch careers - only old people think that way - and remember, we swore never to grow old!

The problem for most people is that by the time they NEED a job, they’re usually not fully prepared.   I wanted to offer a few helpful suggestions to ease the burden for any of my Wildcats family members who might need help.

Other than some new threads for that upcoming interview that you’re gonna crush, there are 4 things that you might need: 


STEP ONE - GET SOME MAD SKILLS (alternatively, if you have mad skills, maybe you could use to sharpen them at:
One of the BEST resources I’ve come across (outside of personal, one-on-one instruction) is    Started by Lynda Weiman and her husband years ago, this website has thousands of easy to follow courses in everything from business skills 101 to advanced programming.  They focus on 3 core areas:  Business, Creativity and Tech.   You are SURE to be able to improve your skill set here. 

Now, for the BEAUTIFUL part.   This website charges $30 per month.  It is a STEAL at that BUT I’ve got something better for you. 

Do you have a FREE Memphis Library Card?  If you don’t, um, they are FREE.  And, did you know that Bartlett issues MEMPHIS Library cards as they are in the same system?

Live outside of Memphis or Bartlett, no sweat, $50 per year can get you a card. 

Now WHY is this so dang important and what has this to do with the training I’ve been writing about at   

Well, the administration at the Memphis Library has made an agreement (since November of last year) with Lynda to offer Lynda subscriptions for…..wait for it…..FREE.

Once you obtain your Memphis Library card, go the the Memphis Library website:

Use the search box by typing in LYNDA and it will take you to this page (just to save you a step):

Enter your Library ID and PIN # and BAM you have premium access for FREE.   


After you’ve gotten your mad skills going, you’re going to need a resume’.  And while there ain’t nothing like a professional resume’ writer to assist you, I’ve found some options that rock.  Here they are:


NOTHING beats networking for a job.  And while there are plenty of industry specific forums and sites, nothing is as ubiquitous as LINKED IN.  It’s the Facebook for professionals and it really helps you to mingle professionally.   Whatever your industry, more people are floating to this.  AND….they just bought (mentioned above) so there is a HUGE tie in.  

Get your free account going, setup a profile, add a pic of your good looking self and MINGLE.


By now, you’ve got the skills, your resume' is honking, you're as social as a communistic country and Michael Kors is asking you for style tips.  Only one thing remains and that is how to find a job.  There are many places around town for whom you can work.  In fact, I hope that each of you contribute to this list and add places that you know of.  Here are the best resources I’ve found for employment leads:

It is my hope that you don’t need ANY of the aforementioned.   But if you do, I hope this makes the transition from unemployed to gainfully employed at least a little easier for you.